The HELIX HARVEST TABLE was one of two 11 foot dining tables commissioned by Hilditch Architects for the new Women’s Habitat women’s shelter.  Through client meetings, myself and colleagues Tobias Cavan and Josh Fawcett-Drummond felt it was important to make a dynamic communal environment that expressed feelings of comfort, durability, and inclusivity. 

The solid wood table references traditional harvest table construction, which is rooted in communal living.  It features opposing 8 foot bent laminations that contain an undulating wave of wooden dowels.  By adding this sculptural element and refining proportions, we created a contemporary home for this traditional form.

This project was a great opportunity to be part of creating a home for women forced to leave their own. From the beginning, we knew we wanted to make something special for them.  I think we succeeded in that.

h31" x w138" x d42"

Materials: Hard Maple

Finish: Water-based Lacquer